2018 Hackathon Highlights

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Thank you all for a great event! We had an amazing turnout with 40 participants signed up and 11 teams competing! Each project was a success in some way and I don’t think anyone failed at accomplishing something amazing. We hope that all participants had fun, learned something new, and are ready for whatever’s next!


If you attended the event in any capacity or even if you just heard about the event, but were unable to attend, we would appreciate some feedback. We are considering making the Hackathon an annually occurring event, but can’t do it without your help! Please take a moment to fill out the short feedback survey below:

2018 UAF Hackathon Overall Winner:

Monroe Morris: Aqua Assistant

Category Winners

Internet of Things Category Winner:

Monroe Morris: Aqua Assistant - Automatic fish feeder and water equalizer built from upcycled parts

Robotics Category Winner:

Levi Purdy, Brian Holst: Team Plugin - Autonomous wall plugin finding robot with a robotic arm

Games Category Winner:

Cameron Titus, Rachel Crosley, Andrew Adler, Kim Fairbanks, Aj Carvajal: Downhill Pizza Jam - Fast paced pizza delivery game

Judges Choice Awards

One Man Band Award:

Chris Bailey: AmusementLad - Gameboy Emulator

(Least) Safe Award:

Ryan Bonk, Mirin Morris-Ward, Max Erickson: Team Backy-Massagey - Battle robot with a flamethrower

Most Alaskan Award:

Tailon Russell, James Rhine, Tyler Chase, Chiebuka Lebechi: Team Warlock - Automated bluetooth door lock

Honorable Mentions

Most Applicable Categories Award:

Brandon Abbott, Rohan Weeden, Cameron Showalter: Robocup - Autonomous robot that can go make coffee and bring it back

Most Wacky Award:

Charles Emerson: Team Rubiks - Web-based rubiks cube simulator made using WebGL